7 Secrets To The Perfect Tokyo Cherry Festival Vacation

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Occasionally a boat appears, which adds a charming touch to the scenery. Cherry trees line both sides of the roadway, so the visitors can go through a sakura tunnel when they are in full bloom. This is the least known spot among the five mentioned in this article, so the visitors can enjoy the blossoms to the fullest without having to fight the crowds. The five places mentioned above are all out-of-the-way spots. They may be known only to the locals, and an average tourist may not be familiar with them.


6 Cities Perfect for Cherry Blossom Season (That Aren’t Tokyo or DC)

But all these locations offer a great view of the cherry blossoms, so use the information in this article, and go find your own unique sakura spot. Visiting Tokyo In March? Enjoy Early Cherry Blossom Viewing! Javascript is disabled in your web browser. Enable Javascript to access all functionality. Translated by Shinji Takaramura. Share Tweet Pin reddit. Along the Meguro River. Ohashi Junction View Map. Read also. Namikibashi Intersection View Map.

Aoyama Cemetary View Map. Iidabashi Sotobori-dori View Map. Osaki and Meguro River View Map. Popular Searches rainy season what to wear in Japan in July summer in Japan fall colors weather in Tokyo in July summer sales shinkansen Fukuoka shopping waterfalls how hot is it in Tokyo.

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With around cherry trees, Asukayama Park has been popular among the public as a cherry blossom viewing spot for a long time. A monorail runs through the garden and the cherry trees viewed from above are a rare and special sight. The monorail runs from a. At times there may be service suspension due to maintenance. Easy Day Trip from Tokyo!

Inokashira Park. Megurogawa Meguro River. Meguro River. Yoyogi Park.

Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens. Rikugien Gardens. If you time it right, you might be able to boat around the pond-lake thing too. Whatever you decide to do, our advice is to get there early, especially for picnics! Lanterns are strung up, so you can party on into the evening. See what else there is to do in Ueno. There are around 1, cherry trees, which bloom at different stages. The atmosphere here is much less rowdy compared to Ueno Park.


See what else there is to do in Shinjuku. Read our Imperial Palace guide. The controversial Yasukuni Shrine, which also has loads of cherry blossoms, is nearby—despite its politically loaded status, it draws a lot of tourists during cherry blossom season. The area stretching from Azumabashi Bridge to Sakurabashi Bridge on the Sumida River is a super-famous hanami spot, and has been for centuries. More than 1, cherry trees line the river, making for great photo ops and picnics. You can also see Tokyo Skytree from here.

The area can get very crowded—if you feel frazzled, duck out and take a mini-cruise on one of the yakatabune boats. This park in Kichijoji, a suburban Tokyo neighborhood, is renowned for its beauty in spring. Approximately trees surround a central pond, and when the blossoms start falling, the petals spread out over the pond to carpet it in pink.

You can go boating while appreciating the scenery. The swan-shaped boats are a favorite among couples, but be warned—superstition says that couples who go boating in the park are doomed to break up. This is because Benzaiten, despite being the goddess of love, apparently has a jealous streak, and hates seeing couples being all lovey-dovey in a park dedicated to her. Four kilometers of the Meguro River are home to more than cherry trees , which make for a unique sight in Tokyo, at least— go to Kyoto if you want to see countless canals surrounded by cherry blossoms.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Season: 10 of the Best Places to Visit

This area is even more beautiful at night when the trees are lit up, making it a favorite date spot. Read more about Koishikawa Korakuen. A great way to explore the park is by renting a bike when you arrive. Read our guide to Showa Kinen Park. Access : The park is right next to Oji Station and Asukayama on the tram line as well. Flower viewing in a cemetery? The place has been relatively popular among locals for quite some time now, as its main path is lined with cherry trees, leading it to be called Cherry Blossom Avenue.

Just be as respectful as possible if you decide to drop by this place. See what else there is to do in Yanaka.

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  • Its vast space and other attractions a Ferris wheel, observatory, and bird sanctuary make it an ideal location for family outings. Read more about Kasai Rinkai Park. You might want to consider a day trip to the closest mountain to Tokyo , which is less than an hour away from Shinjuku. Takao provides great views of the Kanto region and Mt. Fuji, and in spring, those views can get even more picturesque with cherry blossoms framing the sights. See our sakura hikes article for more ideas. Between Iidabashi and Yotsuya stations, this thin stretch of park runs along the Kanda riverside and becomes a blossom-filled haven in spring.

    At just over 2km, it makes a perfect hour-long walk, with plenty of hanami parties from students of the nearby Hosei University to get you in the festive mood. The park features Edo Castle ruins, as well as around Somei Yoshino cherry trees. It gets busy, but you might find the northside riverside path a little quieter. Surprisingly, Yoyogi is not actually one of the top hanami spots in Tokyo, as the very urban park is known more for general gatherings and bazaars than its flora. Read our guide to Yoyogi Park. Mainly known for its recreation fields and castle-like structures, Ojima Komatsugawa Park straddles the Kyunaka River.

    As you may have learned, a river is a good sign for cherry blossoms. Once a marshland, the park was redeveloped and is now home to around 1, cherry trees, nicknamed the Senbonzakura and planted as a sign of regeneration. A mini-festival is held during the first week of April, featuring horseback archery.

    The park precincts include the Shinkei and Kumogata ponds, a playground, and a number of Yoshino cherry trees. Used as the second venue of the Olympics before being opened as a public park, this is a great open space filled with Somei Yoshino cherry trees. There are around mature trees in the park and many line the cycle route, meaning you can combine your blossom viewing with a relaxing cycle or run through tunnels of pink.

    As well as blossoms, Komazawa Olympic Park is the site of an annual ramen festival , although unfortunately not at the same time.

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    There is also, for tree nerds, a year-old pine to go hug. Rikugien Garden is almost four centuries old, and home to a vast and beautiful weeping cherry blossom that is illuminated at nigh t during the sakura season. If you are there during the day, you can check out the Tsutsuji no Chaya tea house. This acre park is the second largest in Tokyo, and during hanami season, you can tell: the spacious lawns are a favorite spot for blossom-viewing picnics. There are upwards of 1, cherry trees, with over 50 varieties—including Yoshino, Sato and wild cherry trees.

    If you get tired of looking at sakura or need a break from the crowds, the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architecture Museum is nearby. To get your festival on, be there on Sunday in the first week of the cherry blossom season. Not only is this the most important Shinto shrine in Kamakura, it is one of the most beautiful in spring as it has a m approach lined with blossoms. This final stretch is known as Danzakura and is home to lots of younger trees.