Accepting a Mate [Dark Times 5] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)

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Her hand reached up and rested on his cheek.

His jaw muscles relaxed and she started repeating a few words over and over. He wanted to push her away, but his muscles refused to cooperate. Pierce rubbed his good eye and looked for the man in the woods and around his own truck. The man was gone. What the fuck! He briefly wondered if he had sustained some brain trauma from all the hits to his head. The crackling and popping of his house being eaten by fire drew his attention. All of his belongs were being devoured by yellow, orange, and red flames.

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He was released long enough for the vampire to turn the water in the tub on full blast. The thought of refusing never occurred to him. With unsteady hands he shed his torn, dirty clothes. This is a great time to read a scary vampire story. Menu Skip to content.

Loving a Royal; Part 1

Contact Me Links! A Siren Erotic Romance. Happy Halloween! Thunderstruck, he realized that his gaze was snared by hers. Pain pounded through his head as he felt his body start to weaken. October is perfectly fang in neck weather! In Mate of Two Vampires this guy could have helped Pierce out! Just look at those eyes! Search for:. Post to Cancel.

Mate of the High Dragon [Of Dragons and Wolves 5] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove)

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Between working and getting his brains boinked out by his new mate, Sean Morita was too busy to notice when, just off the west coast of Africa, a tropical wave formed. Without Saharan dust in the atmosphere to hinder it, it began a meandering, westward journey. Sean remained peacefully oblivious as it crossed the wide swath of slightly cooler waters of the Atlantic Ocean until it settled in the southern Caribbean Sea, off the coast of Nicaragua. There, it found the waters to be warm and welcoming.

With negligible upper level winds to shear it, it had a cozy little incubator to begin its life as Invest 97L. The forecast models splayed all over the map, literally, from one run to the next. Until it started moving, everyone needed to pay attention to it.

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He impatiently stood in front of his TV, waiting for the Weather Channel to finish their tropical update and get to the local radar and weather. Sean only cared about the local boating forecast. His mate, Emery Nadel, stuck his head out of their bedroom. Emery walked out into the living room, dressed only in shorts. Sean held up a staying hand, listened to the forecast, then turned to answer him.

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Sean frowned. You know those things can go anywhere. Then they scream and bitch at me. Sean fought the urge to pout. They can get by without me today. Sean kept his Boston Whaler Dauntless in dry storage at a marina in Englewood.

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Monday afternoon, Sean had called ahead to have it waiting at the dock for them on Tuesday morning. Emery and Sean had only been together six weeks, but to Sean it already felt like forever, in a good way. Sean barely remembered what life was like before Emery swam into it. Despite Sean meeting Emery by running over him with his boat while Emery and two of his fellow dolphin shifters were playing in Lemon Bay, and also despite one of those dolphin shifters being a jealous fuck and nearly killing Sean, their future together looked bright.

Sean stood at the wheel and guided the boat out of the marina and down the channel to the Intracoastal. The horsepower Yamaha outboard engine sounded good, running smoothly and pushing the boat through the glassy water. While they had brought tackle and bait with them this morning, Sean suspected they would do far more fooling around in the water and on the boat than they did fishing.

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  4. A pleasant shiver ran through him at the thought, making his cock stiffen in his swim trunks. All he needed to know was that he loved Emery. Or to welcome new members into the pod. We stick to the shallows and stay out of open water. The hunts are just that, and can happen at any time, although less frequently than the full moon swims. We go out in open water, find schools of fish, and we hunt. People try to come in for those. Safety in numbers.

    Accepting a Mate

    Like pouting, he considered it beneath him. And he certainly trusted Emery. Emery had never given him a reason not to trust him. Not for me, at least.