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It is reversible, so it will work on either side or it can be. It is constructed of a soft brushed Realtree Edge camo material and D Nylon Ballistic Fabric for rugged dependability. Hypalon reinforcements and Nylon PALS attachment points let you increase your loadout by hanging gear from the attachment points.

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Zamerberlan has been developing fine hiking boots for nearly ninety years and they have taken those years of experience to develop these hardcore boots for the hard-core outdoor enthusiast. This boot is built to provide support and durability for those who spend hundreds of days a year in the field. Out of the box, the shark camo pattern looks great, but the functionality of this set of boots is what really stands out. The Vibram Darwin Outsole sole wears extremely well and grips the terrain like another set of hands, even when wet. The tread pattern provides for a very good downhill break, a toe climbing zone, and the wide grippy lugs allow for easy cleaning with your finger or a stick, but they self-clean fairly well while hiking.

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Scan this QR Code with The patented ZFS Zamberlan Flex System allows the your smart phone to view uppers to break forward in comfort without compromist h e S p o r t s m a n ' s N e w s ing lateral stability around the ankle. The Italian 2. Hydrobloc nubuck leather uppers are soft enough to pro-. The Gore-Tex Insulated membrane delivers world-class waterproof protection and breathability throughout the life of the boot. The rubber rand around the toe helps to protect your boot from the brutal rocks and terrain. It is developed with an improved rubber compound which has better elasticity and has a beveled under-edge to prevent catching and peeling.

These boots run very true to size, but some fit a half size smaller. I normally wear a size 10, but even with a 9. Out of the box, these boots were extremely comfortable on the first outing. They require very minimal break-in. After over 3 months of testing and approaching over miles, they look nearly new and the treads show hardly any wear. Whew baby, it is hunting season! The quail need to be marinated for hours.

Add in a teaspoon of Cajun seasoning and stir until dissolved.

The rollicking music years

Put this into a gallon zip lock bag and prepare the quail. If you have some fresh quail and just breasted them out instead of saving the whole bird, they will work perfectly, but you may need a few extra for this recipe. I eat quail often, and have found a ready supply at a local Asian market.

Some supermarkets and on-line retailers will carry whole frozen quail. They are excellent stand-ins for wild birds. Spatchcock the quail using a pair of kitchen shears. Place the whole quail, breastside-down, on a cutting board. Using the shears, cut away the backbone and discard it.

Then, flip over the bird and press down to flatten it. Add the quail to the marinade, seal the bag and refrigerate hours. Remove the birds from the marinade, pat dry, salt and pepper to taste, and set aside. Prepare the glaze by combining the apricot jam, maple syrup, and the garlic chili sauce in a small sauce pan. Warm over low heat and stir until blended, remove from heat.

Heat the grill to medium, or degrees F. Place the quail on the grill skin side down, then brush some of the glaze over each bird. The skin will brown nicely in about a minute, so pay attention and flip the birds as soon as they get a nice color. Brush the rest of the glaze onto the birds and cook for an additional minutes more. Remove to a plate to rest. I often serve these tasty treats over a bed of dirtry rice and some roasted acorn squash.

Repeating the next year? Even tougher. How about doing it 41 years in a row? Just ask Ford F-Series. Head to Your Local Ford Store and test drive one today. Not shown. Class is full-size pickups under 8, lbs. GVWR based on Ford segmentation. Class is Full-Size Pickups over 8, lbs.

The flock turned wide and disappeared into the fog blanketing this ancient oxbow lake, once the main channel of the mighty Mississippi River. Playing boisterous notes on their calls, several hunters began pleading for the greenheads and their mates to return. We could still hear their quacking and the rush of their wings, but could not see them through the thick trees in front of us with the fog enshrouding everything on this chilly Mississippi morning. Eventually, the ducks burst out from the fog, over the decoys dotting an opening between the cypress trees slowly converting this lake into a swamp.

Each year, Arkansas and Louisiana battle for the title of top waterfowl hunting destination in the nation. Both states still offer outstanding duck hunting, but Mississippi on the other side of the great river could give those states some competition — thanks to the incredible duck habitat found in the Mississippi Delta region. The best duck hunting in Mississippi occurs in the Delta region. In the Delta, people kill many mallards, but they also kill a lot of gadwalls, green-winged teal and shovelers. The Mississippi Delta spreads across nearly 7, square miles of the Mississippi River Alluvial Valley, one of the most critical wintering waterfowl habitats in North America.

The Mississippi Delta runs about miles along the eastern bank of the Mississippi River and includes all or part of 19 Magnolia State counties between Vicksburg, Miss. For millennia, the Mississippi River periodically flooded low swampy areas along its banks recharging wetlands. Sporadically, the volatile river changed course, leaving behind numerous oxbow lakes that once marked the main channel. The capricious river built a well-watered alluvial floodplain dominated by numerous waterways, backwaters, cypress swamps and flooded bottomlands — prime waterfowl habitat!

People have been hunting ducks in this area for a long time. Before the railroad came through in the s, people would come down the Mississippi River from Memphis in steamboats. In the past century or so, crop fields replaced many virgin hardwood bottomlands, but considerable forests remain. In the past few decades, many Mississippi farmers switched from cotton and other crops to planting rice. Also, landowners began turning more acreage into duck habitat by digging potholes and flooding fields during the winter. These ac-. Hunters watch for ducks from a large blind located in a cypress brake of an oxbow lake near Tunica, Miss.

Many ancient oxbows along the Mississippi and other rivers provide outstanding waterfowl hunting in the Mississippi Delta region. The Yazoo flows another miles through rich bottomlands and agricultural fields before hitting the Mississippi River just north of Vicksburg. Another good river, the Big Black River begins in Webster County near Eupora and flows miles southwest until it enters the Mississippi River about 25 miles south of Vicksburg.

When rivers flood bottomlands, they create excellent waterfowl habitat. Watch the river and creek levels. When a river or creek overflows its banks in a forested area, it creates ideal duck habitat, especially for wood ducks. We are constantly looking for ways to add new wetland habitat to the state. Garrett Holland with Beaver Dam Hunting Services prepares to retrieve a mallard drake while hunting in a reclaimed aquaculture catfish pond near Tunica, Miss. The Mississippi Delta historically holds one of the highest winter concentrations of mallards in North America. The region also attracts many gadwalls and green-winged teal.

Sportsmen might also bag blue-winged teal, pintails, wigeons, shovelers, lesser scaup, ring-necked ducks, occasional redheads or canvasbacks and other ducks. In wooded areas along lakes and rivers, wood ducks comprise a large part of the harvest, second only to mallards statewide. Open areas of the Delta, such as flooded agricultural fields or moist soil units, attract good goose numbers.

People frequently see large flocks of snow and blue geese flying high overhead. Some Canada geese stay in the area all year long. In recent years, more white-fronted geese, locally called specklebellies, began wintering on Delta fields. Not many people specifically hunt geese in the Delta, but in the right spot, the big birds might give duck hunters some bonus action.

Since , Boyd hunted Beaverdam Lake, an old oxbow about five miles south of Tunica. We also hunt a farm east of the lake and an old fish farm in northeastern Tunica County. Years ago, we mostly killed gadwalls and some wigeons on the lake. Around , we started killing more mallards, but we still kill a lot of gadwalls and wigeons. We also kill a few greenwinged teal and other ducks. The other properties are more open and we kill a variety of ducks and some geese there. Not everyone can afford to hire a guide, but the Delta provides abundant opportunities for do-it-yourselfers to bag birds.

Navigable waterways like river channels and many lakes belong to the public. Therefore, sportsmen with boats can hunt just about any place they can safely shoot a gun, but check the local laws just to make sure.

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Several rivers flow through excellent hunting areas, offering waterfowlers hundreds of miles open to public hunting. People can also hunt many oxbows that they can still reach by boat off the Mississippi River or other streams. Many river runners hunt from small camouflaged boats. Some sportsmen attach commercial pop-up blinds to their boats. Others simply hide in thick vegetation or other available cover. When hunting from a boat, waterfowlers can stop practically anywhere, toss a few decoys into a promising backwater and wait for the birds.

In a morning, prepared boat hunters might try several spots until they find the birds. When hunting a river, keep in mind the water level. If the river drops too much, ducks leave. The Yazoo generally marks the southern boundary of the Mississippi Delta. While navigable waterways belong to the public, adjacent lands usually remain private. However, many streams flow through one of the 52 wildlife management areas in the Magnolia State.

These properties offer sportsmen more than , acres for public hunting. The habitat consists of periodically flooded hardwood bottomlands and managed green-tree reservoirs. Wildlife managers flood some areas each fall to create additional waterfowl habitat. In addition, several water control structures flood nearby sloughs. The old farm contains 48 fields separated by levees and ditches. On selected days by a drawing, waterfowlers may hunt on 24 hunt units, each approximately 80 acres in size. The state sets aside another acres as a sanctuary to keep waterfowl in the area.

After the crop is harvested, we manage it for a waterfowl hunting impoundment. It has good habitat because of the agricultural operation. We also do some rotations for moist soil management to give the birds a little variety. We allow people on the property on a draw system so we can Garrett Holland with Beaver Dam manage the hunting pressure Hunting Services crouches down in native on it. Vicksburg, Mahannah WMA consists of approximately 12, acres of bottomlands, agriculture fields, reforested hardwoods and impoundments in Warren and Issaquena counties near Redwood.

The state plants about 1, acres in millet, milo, corn and soybeans and floods it. The property also contains several hundred acres of flooded timberlands. The area produces mostly mallards, but sportsmen might also bag some pintails, wigeons, teal, gadwalls or wood ducks. Photo by John N. Adventures On A Budget Miller usually rank among the highest waterfowl harvest areas in the state. Mahannah has more diverse habitat than Howard Miller. Muscadine Farms started as a acre catfish farm in In , the property expanded by another acres of catfish ponds and approximately 1, acres of replanted trees.

The WMA now covers 3, acres and includes 90 old catfish ponds intensively managed for waterfowl. The state manages these former catfish ponds for waterfowl and allows limited hunting by drawing. The state also planted some corn, milo or millet and set those areas aside for duck sanctuaries.

We manage those former catfish ponds for shallow water seasonal waterfowl impoundments. Malmaison has a green-tree reservoir and a cypress-tupelo swamp. People who like to hunt out of boats can find plenty of opportunities on Malmaison. The Yalobusha River meanders through the property. Many oxbow lakes, cypress-tupelo swamps, sloughs and seasonal wetlands can hold good concentrations of mallards and woodies.

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Sportsmen might also bag some green-winged teal, gadwalls, wigeon and pintails. Easily reached by Memphis along Interstate 55, the property does receive considerable hunting pressure. They bagged several duck species, two blue geese and a specklebelly goose. In recent years, hunters report killing more geese in the Mississippi Delta region. They often make a bonus bird or three, for duck hunters.

Some national wildlife refuges in the Magnolia State also allow limited duck hunting by permit. Many ducks rest on a 1,acre shallow oxbow lake surrounded by cypress and tupelo gum trees with abundant buttonbush and swamp privet thickets growing in shallow water. The refuge frequently attracts some colorful hooded mergansers. The property contains 21, acres of bottomlands, plus seasonally flooded moist soil units and impoundments. In some winters, the refuge holds more than , ducks. Most of the big reservoirs in the state also offer some duck hunting.

Sometimes, the shallower emergent marsh type of habitat with a lot of lily pads along the lake shorelines can hold a lot of birds. Army Corps of Engineers flood control reservoirs can also offer some good duck hunting. The Coldwater River flows into it. Sardis Lake covers about 32, acres on the Little Tallahatchie near the town of Sardis. Sportsmen get a good mix of birds. Ring-necked ducks are pretty common. Low water concentrates birds. As popular fishing lakes, these reservoirs attract considerable boat traffic at times.

When anglers run from spot to spot, they could keep ducks flying. For Mississippi waterfowl seasons and limits, see www. The state also holds special youth waterfowl days on Nov. For information on specific properties, see www. Unless exempt for any reason, sportsmen would need to purchase a federal waterfowl stamp, a Mississippi waterfowl stamp and a Mississippi hunting license before hunting waterfowl. Visiting sportsmen can buy seasonal or short-duration trip licenses.

For licenses information, see www. To hunt on any wildlife management area, a person would also need to buy a WMA user permit. The WMA permit allows the holder to hunt all season long on any state WMA for any legal game, provided the holder also buys all other required licenses. To buy licenses on line, see www. While in the area, take advantage of the rich historical and cultural heritage of the Delta. The area gave rise to many famous musicians.

Music lovers might visit the Grammy Museum www. The Biedenharn Coca-Cola Museum biedenharncoca-colamuseum. Visitors might want to take a sip or order something sweet in an authentically restored candy store from the s. For more than a year, Gen. Ulysses S. Cairo, exhibit. The U. In town, tour the Old Court House Museum. The building survived the war with minimal damage and now houses more than , artifacts. In Tunica, www. The oldest structure in Tunica County dates back to Looking for something more modern?

Several casinos in the Tunica area provide food, lodging and entertainment.

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To plan your Delta visit, see www. Bordered by its namesake river in the heart of the Mississippi Flyway, the Magnolia State offers sportsmen some great waterfowling. In bygone days, most people hunted to put food on the table for their families. If someone shot a big buck or bull, it was coincidental to getting meat for the family. Guns were also very different. I shot my first deer with a Marlin with open sights.

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Most hunters did not have guns with scopes because they were either unavailable or too expensive. The hunters I knew had limited funds, so in order to be able to hunt, they had to budget all year for hunting season. Most hunters camped out where they hunted and, if fortunate, had an army surplus tent to sleep in.

They brought their own food and a box of shells. Actual hunting meant walking until you found game and then stalking close enough for a sure shot. Two things you did not want to do were waste meat with a poorly placed shot or lose a wounded animal because of bad shooting. Today most hunters are more affluent. Everybody has a 4-wheel drive pickup and a gun, usually a magnum, with a scope that may cost as much as the gun.

Most hunters today are more interested in the size of horns than the excellent tablefare elk provide. In their quest for trophy animals, many hunters hire guides, outfitters, and pay to hunt private ranches to increase their odds of getting a big elk. Their guide spots the elk for them and then gets them in a position for a shot using shooting sticks. Unfortunately, the trend seems to be anything from to a 1, yards is fair game. Shooting an animal at 1, yards is possible, but is that hunting?

Matching wits with your quarry and stalking close to them seems to be a lost skill-set with many guides and their clients. My son, Preston, and I think the hardest part of hunting is drawing a tag for the area we want to hunt.

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  7. This year we were fortunate to draw the area we wanted on public land. The first day of our hunt we did alot of walking, getting away from roads and quad trails. By doing so, we were seeing elk all day in small groups of cows but no bulls. On day three, with the wind in our favor and the sun behind us, we decided to hunt down into a canyon that had plenty of juniper for cover and some open areas. We split up and moved slowly and quietly down into the canyon. After two hours I heard Preston shoot and knew he had an elk down.

    I eased down and over to see Preston with a 5x4 bull. He said he spotted three bulls an hour into the hunt and then took another hour to stalk within seventy-five yards. He had a clear shot of the 5x4 bull and decided to take him. Preston stated the other bulls, one being a 6x6, did not spook and continued to feed ahead of him. After congratulations and pictures, I helped Preston get his bull ready to pack out.

    As we were taking our first load out of the canyon, I spotted the 6x6 bull through the trees. Dropping my pack, I was able to stalk within forty yards and with one broadside shot, my hunt was over. We had both met the challenge of stalking close enough to know exactly what you had in front of you and then making an easy sure shot. Tested and recommended by the National Tactical officers Association, this high-power riflescope features a large 50mm objective lens and a Mil-Dot reticle that offers bright, crisp images at long distances.

    Designed for superior range estimation and long-distance shooting, the 8. You have buddies that owe you bigtime and you just need to get out to the trailhead where you get some service and let them know where you are so that they can come help. You hang the elk quarters high in a tree and load up your pack and head for the truck.

    A mile into your hike back, a sow grizzly and two cubs smell you and your pack loaded with fresh elk meat. She charges you and knocks you to the ground. You play dead while she rips and pulls at your pack while standing on your head. As quick as it started, it stops and you are laying there without your pack and a gushing head wound. This sounds like a horrible experience from a movie, but this has played out in the Rocky Mountains on numerous occasions.

    This is a handheld GPS unit, which has the ability to utilize satellites to communicate with society. You can also pair it with your standard smartphone and text just as you would any other time when you have an assigned monthly service plan. Sat phones and these types of devices have been around for numerous years and we have tested them regularly; however, their connectivity and operation has left a little bit to be desired in all of our testing.

    Whenever we test a product like this, we always read all the marketing materials and website to see what sort of claims the companies make about their products. After reviewing a few tutorials on YouTube, I was able to get the unit registered with Garmin as well as paired with my phone and an active service plan. There are numerous different service plans to choose from whether you are an occasional user or a professional guide who is in the field all the time. You also have the ability to choose from monthly services, which all allow you to cancel after a few months service that will cost you a bit more money every month, or annual plans that offer you much more and at a less expensive monthly price.

    The more you pay, the more unlimited kinds of services you have available. Regardless of your service, these are unlimited. Every time you send a text, you will also be sending the receiver a pin of your location. When paired with your smart phone, you can send custom texts just as you would with your regular cell phone. This also sends a pin of your location. The lower priced plans will provide you with 10 texts a month and then you will pay for additional texts. Premium plans have unlimited texts.

    This unit will send tracks every ten minutes, so that family can check your location from time to time. Having dialed in a Freedom Expedition monthly plan, we were just. The back woods of Utah while scouting for deer was a great start. This unit has all the bells and whistles of all the top of the line Garmin GPS units and marking way points, checking trip data, and compass types of stuff is just as you are used to. It has NOAA weather on this unit and your service plan allows you a certain amount of detailed weather reports, which is a huge asset if you are traveling to the extreme north country where getting picked up by a bush plane is the difference between life and death.

    Once you have initially paired the unit with your smartphone, doing it again is extremely simple. Our communications back to home were flawless. The SOS feature on this unit is something hopefully you will never need, but with the push of one button, you can notify emergency services that you need help. It will send them your location and scramble the necessary people to get you the help you need. Overall, I would say that Garmin has definitely succeeded in building a communication device that is pretty bulletproof and dependable.

    The largest free outdoor magazine in America and the official publication of Sportsman's Warehouse. H unting season is in full swing now and we have already been in the field nonstop with friends, customers, and Pro Member Sweepstakes winners. Fast forward to present day - I now put in every year for at least six different states to hunt deer and elk, as well as other big game species. Custom tailored trips. Arctic Grayling Contact Brett Waibel: info badriverhunts.

    Have Fun. The End of the Trail Whether I bagged a deer or not, this was the end of the trail. A Scent on the Wind Out in the green hills, cattle moved. Photo by Gary Lewis This caliber Thompson Center is tuned for long-range accuracy with a peep sight and a fine front bead. Photo by Gary Lewis A lot of the rut activity had subsided by the end of November. Scan with your smartphone to see it in action. The steep sporter contour of the barrel further reduces forward weight and shifts the balance back to the midline. Yours truly, Kent Danjanovich www. Shop 92 Locations or online at Sportsmans.

    Featuring improved optical clarity over the first generation, the better glass provides excellent twilight clarity to provide better target identification in the early morning and late evening. Kryptek Dalibor II Hunting Clothing M ost people know Kryptek as a camo pattern, and while it can boast the only pattern in the civilian world extensively researched, tested, and studied by the US government for its effectiveness in the field, Kryptek Outdoor group is more than just a pretty camo pattern.

    For Mr. For those who knew him, another observation now comes to mind: They did not believe they were looking at a future statesman. He seemed like any other punk-minded student: Jawbox T-shirt, hair past his shoulders and a grim insistence that the Smashing Pumpkins had grown pretentious. By college, friends say, Mr. He said he chose Columbia in part because of the financial aid package and in part because he looked up to his bohemian uncle, Mr.

    Before that, Mr. Now Mr. Offstage, Mr. He was an English major skilled enough with computers to introduce roommates to the culture of earlys chat rooms, once pranking a girlfriend by posing as a romantically interested woman online. For a time, Mr. Friends from El Paso, with whom he had toured, seemed committed to trying. But as he prepared to leave college, his hair now shorn a bit, Mr.

    He took writing workshops. He attended astronomy class with Ms. Watson, his girlfriend at the time, despite not being enrolled. Watson said. She remembered a professor asking once what students wanted from life. Still working during the day for his uncle, he left the caretaking job after a few months and answered an ad in The Village Voice to rent a room in a small Brooklyn apartment alongside a couple recently emigrated from the Ivory Coast. Loneliness consumed him. Victoria Alexander.

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