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A collection of fourteen original essays to mark Johnson's tercentenary. Johnson's familiarity with the classics and other literatures is thereby manifested in a variety of ways, with a powerful personal voice and, no less important, looking for reader involvement. Allusion, as contended in this monograph, is indeed an integral part of the formal artistry and intellectual depth of the Journey, thus contributing to making Johnson's Scottish travelogue what it is — a major exponent of Travel Literature. A boy, his dog, and their struggle to escape the wrath of demons. Young Samuel Johnson foiled the invasion of Earth by the forces of evil; now they want to get their claws on Samuel and his faithful dachshund, Boswell.

A letter to the editor on David Nokes's biography, arguing for the importance of Hester Thrale in that book. A monograph-length survey of Johnson's interest in and knowledge of Irish culture. An extensive investigation of Macpherson's manipulation of traditional material in the Ossianic poems. A comprehensive review of Johnson's involvement in the Ossian affair and an extended look at his relationship with Irish culture.

Well, they don't. They're degrees apart on pretty much everything. On Johnson's treatment of Shakespeare in the Dictionary in light of his comments on the Germanic origins of the English language. On scholarly and popular fascination with SJ as a man, including interest in his body. Dille examines Hill's Johnsonian editions, paying particular attention to his politics. The most thorough consideration of the abridged editions of the Dictionary.

Dix notes three previously neglected brief mentions of Johnson in unpublished sources. Johnson's personality as a demanding patient who took things into his own hands are described based upon reports from his physicians. Not seen. A reply to Greene's argument about the leter M in Johnson's diaries. A monumental bibliography of Johnson's works, a project to which Fleeman devoted much of his career. McLaverty completed the bibliography upon Fleeman's death, and maintains a running list of corrections and additions on the Web.

A brief biographical overview, with an argument that SJ's attempts to ward off his melancholy anticipated modern cognitive-behavioral therapy. It develops into a wide-ranging essay on Johnson's life and friendships. Greene, reviewing the evidence offered by Katherine C. Further arguments against the thesis that Johnson was sympathetic to Jacobitism. Thirteen previously published essays, ranging from to , many on Johnsonian topics. Essays on Johnson are listed separately. A survey of Johnson's influence on Jane Austen, developed into a book-length work with the same title. Grundy's address to the Johnsonians in Sept.

On the theory and practice of Johnsonian biography, set in the context of the history of biographical writing. On portraits of Johnson by Reynolds and Opie, with a discussion of contemporary portraits by other major artists. The first scholarly edition of Hawkins's Life , first published in Brack's annotations are extensive.

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A popular overview of the composition of the Dictionary , contextualized in SJ's life and the history of lexicography. Yet he has a lot to say to us. I offer a chronological account of Johnson's life. Performance can also be for Johnson the testing-ground for emendation. It's a tale of sexual frustration, low life, spasmodic tics, drug addiction, fear of madness, disappointment in love, black depression and celebrity. The most important features of Johnson's publication all shed light on Johnson's moralism: The Rambler 's uniformity of tone; its adoption of a persona who is a representative figure, rather than an eccentric individual; its focus on the universals of human behavior rather than current affairs or the fashions and follies beloved of Richard Steele; together with its didactic tone.

A consideration of literary fame and immortality. Though for the most part he accepted and articulated the received wisdom of his time, at two or three points he took issue with it in interesting ways. He is a free-market, monarchy-loving advocate of the necessity of human inequality. A Broadview Edition, containing the full text of Rasselas along with selections from Johnson's other writings Lobo's Voyage , Vanity , and Rambler s 4, , and , contemporary responses, and other examples of eighteenth-century Orientalism.

A collection of Johnson's writings, especially selections from the periodical essays and the Lives. A reading of Rasselas against the background of eighteenth-century ideas about education. A review essay on Gordeon Campbell and Thomas N. Kermode uses Johnson's Life of Milton to structure his own piece.

On the pursuit of happiness in Rasselas , with glances at similar concerns in early America. Korshin considers The Rambler as an example of the essay genre. Korshin demolishes many of the myths and legends that have grown up around the writing of the Dictionary. An annual journal, begun in under the editoriship of Korshin; from vol.

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On teaching the Seven Years' War against the background of modern wars. Includes a discussion of a board game called Friedrich. In addition, the American Library Association Web site www. Note that we have listed the books in the year of their award, although in most cases the prizes were awarded the year following their publication i.

You can scroll down to view the lists of awards, or click on a link below to "jump" to a particular awards list. To visit their site go to www. G V. The Caldecott Medal is awarded annually by the Association for Library Service to Children a division of the American Library Association to the artist of the most distinguished picture book for children. The award was named in honor of Randolph Caldecott, a nineteenth-century illustrator whose work is still delighting children. Stead Jerry Pinkney. Illustrated by David Small Simms Taback. Illustrated by David Diaz Allen Say. Illustrated by John Schoenherr Arthur Yorinks.

Illustrated by Beni Montresor Maurice Sendak. Illustrated by Marcia Brown Ludwig Bemelmans. Jefferson Parker. The Hugo was named in honor of Hugo Gernsback, the founder of the first professional science fiction magazine. The winner is chosen by a mail vote by the attending and supporting members of each World Science Fiction Convention. XXV "Thoughts on Equality". XXV "Training Policemen". XXX-2 "Obedience to the Unenforceable". XXX-7 "Moments and 'Clicks'". XXX-8 "Cougars and Autodidacts".

XXX "Schools for Tomorrow". XXX "Piaget's Equilibration". XXX "Reflections on Psychology". XXX "Qualities of Community". XXX "'Trends' in Education". Practice of Geography. And Politics". Home Schooling". XL-1 "Institutions and Parents". XL-9 "Ourselves and Our Strength". XL "Arguments and Questions". XL "All Competent Adults. XL "Neil Postman on Everything". XL "Montessori Schools in Milwaukee". XL "The Malady of Scotland". XL "Working With Children".

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XL "Two Kinds of Education". XL "Students in California". XLI "Teachers and Pupils". XLI "Thoughts on Education". XLI "Reports by Parents". XLI "Holts on the Rampage". XLI "Tribute to the Cockroach". XLI "Sharing and Caring". XLI "Reports to a Teacher". XLI "Cooperative Learning". XVI His comments on quoted from F. Vernon Street, "by Holmes Welch. Vernon Street" by Holmes Welch.

X Quoted from Asilomar lecture in Children. VI-3 Frontiers discussion of book, same title. I Published by Richard R. Smith, brief mention in Frontiers, "Guides for the Heaven-Bound". I Reference to in Review, "Periodical Review". XIX-5 Discussed and quoted in Review of same title. V-4 Discussion of their Dec. V Letter to Mr. V Discussion of Wm. Ogden Vogt. Roy Eckardt article in Lead, "Cavalcade of Philosophers".

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IX John C. Rogers in Review, "Reflective Christianity". Nielsen Jr. XIII Aug. XIV Editorial, Feb. XIX-8 Dr. Harvey Cox quoted from Jan. X Quoted from in Lead, "Theology Revisited". XX-4 Brief quote from Jan. XX-5 Surveys reported by David R. Francis quote, Nov. XX Joseph C. Harsch quoted, Oct. Canham quoted, Dec. XXI Feb. XXII-2 Mrs. Xernona B. Clayton quoted from Dec. Caldwell and Barry Commoner quoted, Dec. Bardach quoted, Sept. XXX-8 Story in Dec. XXXV Mar. Elias, Robt. Marquand, etc. XL Sept. Oppenheimer in Editorial, "The 'Wonderbox'". I-9 Quoted re after-death states nobody knows except God.

I Referred to in "Religion and "The Church'". V-3 Quoted in Editorial, "If Only. XII Dr. Pitirim Sorokin quoted from in Children on "Juvenile Delinquency". Long in Review, "Politics. And Other Things". III Discussed in Children. X "Christmas is Always Late"-Children. I Appeal for packages to Europe by quoting from Politics-in Editorial.

I Mentioned in Letter from England. I Quoted in Letter from England. II He and Ernest Bevin knew nothing of "unconditional surrender" until he heard it from Roosevelt. XXV Quoted from Feb. I From Aristotle's atomist doctrine coined "for fortuitous concourse of atoms". Times in Review, "Good Leads to Follow". X Quoted in Lead, "Changing Allegiances". I Reference to in "Has History a Meaning? XXI-9 Quoted, Nov. X Review-Anthony West's Heritage. XXXV Lead war, brotherhood, evil, mental health.

XIV Quoted from Dec.

Book: On Grand Strategy

Fortune in Frontiers, "Concerning 'The Facts'". I Quoted from Early Forerunners of Man. XXV-1 Quoted from Nov. Smithsonian in Frontiers, "Changes in Outlook". I Said war is a continuation of national policy. XL-9 From Dec. I Mentioned in article on Pythagoras. II Carl L.

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  3. The Sustainment Battle Staff & Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) Guide: Version 2.0 For Brigade Support Battalions, Sustainment Brigades, and Combat Sustainment Support Battalions.

XXII C. West Churchman's review of quoted from Feb. Quoted in Review, "Magazine Notes". XI Quoted Nation Apr. XI Quoted Nation Aug. IV Quoted from his Harper's Feb. Rappaport quoted from Spring issue in Lead, "Men and Systems". Rappaport, same issue. XL-4 Sept.

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XI Quoted in Frontiers, "Miscellany"-refers to number of present-day idolatries resulting from exaggeration of relative values. XXV Quoted from L. Times for Oct. XIX Quoted from Mar. XXI Nathan R. I Reason and Nature. Immigrant boy in New York who became leading thinker and teacher of philosophy-quoted. XXIX Prof. II Review of his Harper's article, Apr Wilson's Protest". Setzer quoted in Frontiers, "Psychic Research and Religion". Review of Books, Feb 9, in "Review of Review". XI Quoted from his article in the Nation, Feb.

XIV Quoted from N. Times Magazine, Sept. II Reference to his story of Thelwall who would teach a child nothing of importance until the age of discretion had been reached. X Biographia quoted in Lead, "Politics and Mysticism". Atlantic in Lead, "Some Ancient Prophecies". XII Report by St. Lawrence University Bulletin quoted in Children. IX-7 Indians quoted in Children. XIII-1 Nov. Davidson discussed in Review, "War and 'the Enemy'".

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I-1 Review, "War Literature"-Powerhouse. Donald Budd Armstrong in her Frontiers article, "Instead".

XIX-4 Quoted Dec. XIX-5 Quoted from Dec. Commentary, quoted in Children, "Society vs. I Reference to in "The Culture of India". I Reference to in Letter from France. II-8 Appeared Jan. Succumbed Jan. III Quoted Apr. XXI Quoted Oct. IV Reviewed-"Vatican and Kremlin". I-5 Lead, "Who Are the Reactionaries? Brahmanand quoted in Editorial, "The Gandhian Society". XI Editorial-about communities.

I Doesn't increase man's love for man-"Notes on Religion". XXX Gov. Brown's views on nuclear energy quoted, July 18 issue, in Lead, "Invisible Momentum". X Reviewed in Review, "High Plateau". X Comment on the above in Lead, "Theology Revisited". I Quoted briefly in article on Max Planck. X-1 Editorial - Hungarian situation. Conant's On Understanding Science in Frontiers. VII Dr. Times Nov. I William Alanson White Memorial lectures. I Quoted in "A Psychiatric Contribution". II Recommends use of scientific method in social sciences; quoted in Frontiers, "Science and Society".

Flying Around the World". I Held annually in N. Usually insist on civilizing effect of Hellenism plus Hebraic- Christian tradition. I Mentioned in connection with his facing of problems that beset us today; also in I I Referred to in article "Religion and 'The Church'". IV Harper's Feb. Osgood quoted, Dec. XV-4 Quoted from in Ralph S. Pomeroy's Review article, "The Lesson of the Master". Pomeroy's Review article, "Offspring and Orphans". XXX "At fifteen. I Reference to his Christian Century appreciation on Darwin.

V Spearheaded scientists to resist "loyalty oaths"-Frontiers, "Dangerous Definitions". Times in Children, "One-Room Schoolhouses". XXII F. XXXV Frontiers small communities. IX Review, "American Dilemmas". XII-5 S. Hayakawa article quoted in Editorial, "Reading Notes". X Referred to in Dr. Smith, ed. Hughes in Children, "Schweitzer, Holt, Postman". XL Fall quoted re attack by fundamentalists on "secular humanism" in Children, "Various Threats". How Long. XIX Dorothy T. Samuels the "thinking student" in Children, "The Sly Connivers".

X Quoted from Charles M. Harsh, Jan. XL Editorial Thoreau and Gandhi. Hutchins and the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions.


II Editorial-Gandhi's fight not yet won. II Editorial about unions. XV Lead, by Hallock Hoffman. XVII Editorial on continuity of the issue. XV Quoted in Children of same title. XIV Quoted, Oct. XVI His Feb. II-3 Non-registrant-discussed in Children. I Reference to works on Hinduism and Buddhism. Kittredge in Bugbear in Editorial, "Oral Literature".

XL New ed. II Dr. California Monthly in Children, "Campus Report". XVII W. Ferry's Preface to quoted in Lead, "Hungers of the Heart". XXXV Frontiers publishing, books. I Correction of misplaced line in previous week's issue.