The Art of the Shim: Low-Alcohol Cocktails to Keep You Level

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I made several appointments at some of my favorite wineries, like Benovia and Martinelli , but I also left room to explore. I could seriously live in this shop, and I actually ended up staying there for a couple of hours. Not only does the shop boast a cocktail bar, complete with shrub cocktails and kombucha on tap, but it also has a proper cheese shop, a gorgeous flower cart, and a sprawling variety of beautiful kitchenware.

SHED even offers grain-milling classes, beekeeping courses, and gardening workshops. I thumbed through the pages and knew this book was for me. This particular recipe lets sake take the lead role, providing a marvelous texture, bright notes, and a floral component that marries perfectly with the herbaceous additions.

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Pomegranate Hibiscus Shim

Vegetables and herbs in a cocktail? I love beet juice with gin and carrot juice with vodka, so sake paired with spring peas sounded intriguing. This week, specifically, has been a hectic one. This past Friday was the third of eight concerts that we hold at the restaurant throughout the summer. I have learned to dread Friday nights because of this production.

It may not sound like much, but the amount of brain power, emotional toll, lack of sleep, and physical labor it takes to produce a party of epic proportions at an already busy, upscale steakhouse is staggering. Seriously, each Friday night sets me back about two days. All I want to do is sleep come Sunday morning. A Friday night during the concert series? Right now, my sleep schedule is so messed up. Regardless, I am still planning on waking at to tend to the garden. Over the past few weeks, I have been writing a succession of posts on growing and preserving herbs over at the Kitchn.

Here are a few links of my favorite posts from the Herb Gardening series, and they are all photographed from my garden:. Cheers to a great rest of the weekend!

With tomatoes finally ripening on the vines, herbs spilling over in the flower beds, and eggplants already on the grill, our garden is in full swing. The next two months will be filled with energy and growth and transformation. Bring on the shims, bring on the preserves. I am a sommelier-turned-farmer, who recently moved to Colorado's Western Slope to become a full-time grower of grapes and maker of wine. I love playing with our two cats, gardening, mixing drinks, finding and sipping!

Tell me about it!


Fun to say but not-so-fun to experience! Not enough room right now, so the farmers market will have to do for now. I planted so late in the season, since we still had snow in May true story. The ones you scored look spectacular!

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Gorgeous photos, amazing sounding cocktails, and seriously impressive dill. Melissa said it was a game changer for her! I have completely sucked with anything online here lately! Thanks, Marm! I am late responding to your comment, but even now, with the dill in its last days, it still feels like a forest.

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Love you! Great article. I absolutely love dill. But in all, something refreshing is always nice and welcomed.

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Carpano Antica Formula sweet vermouth 2 dashes orange bitters. Chill a cocktail glass. Stir ingredients with ice and strain into glass. Optionally garnish with an orange peel. Follow Us. Part of HuffPost Lifestyle. All rights reserved. MaximFesenko via Getty Images. Photo by Kelly Puleio.